More Information about Dave's Galaxy, and Dave


I started writing Dave's Galaxy towards the end of 2008. Some of the ideas in the game have been kicking around in my head for 15 years or so. I used to take walks, thinking about a strategy game that had the look and feel of a petri dish on a vast scale. When I got serious about writing something, I looked around and saw games that take up huge amounts of time, games that mostly consisted of interacting with other players (fun), and doing meaningless tasks (grinding, not fun).

In response, I wanted to make a game with no grinding, and replace it with slow development over time. Many people have likened Dave's Galaxy to a Play By Mail game, which isn't a bad comparison. Whenever faced with a design choice that would eat up a lot of the user's time, I try to take the path of simplicity.

About Dave

With some notable exceptions, Dave's Galaxy is the product of one person -- Me (Dave). There's no corporation behind it, I'm not selling marketing tracking data to outside companies, and I don't plan to sell out.

I am an Oregon native, born and raised. I come from the southern part of the state (The Rogue Valley), and currently live in Portland. I've worked for companies doing safety critical software (avionics and 911 dispatching), graphics and music encoding/distribution. I am open to contracting gigs, take a look at my resume.

The game was not originally named for me, I may be vain, but not quite that vain. The domain name I wanted to use was taken however, and after a bit of a search, this is the name I came up with. fairly short, memorable, and reasonably catchy.

You Can Help Pay for my Server Bill!

I would really like it if you would consider sending me a donation (take a look at the merchandise page...), think of it as helping to forward the cause of good games. Dave's Galaxy is run on the NPR model of revenue generation -- you should feel guilty if you don't send me money. GUILTY!